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Saturday, July 23, 2011


This summer we all participated in VBS and all the kids had such a great time, although by Friday we were all wiped. A week of early mornings and lots of activities is fun but tiring especially if you are 3 and 4 years old...and somewhere over 40...LOL..

The theme this year was the Big Apple Adventure, so everything was decorated to replicate NYC. My kids having been to NY a million times, since that is where my whole family is, got a kick out of it. There were lots of crafts and activities, I didn't get any pictures of lesson time which I am so disappointed because Sara Jones did such a great job, especially with picking up the trash with the pick up sticks, the NY stock exchange and 5 star hotels - where everyone had to be a bellhop and maid...it was so awesome.

I was what they called a cabbie (group leader) with another Mom and her teenage daughter. We had 9 of the sweetest 5th grade girls you would ever want to meet. They were so great. I loved it, made my life easier.
Every day they had craft time, game time, and lesson time, opening and closing ceremonies.
By the way it was 100 degrees every day...it was the middle of July and middle of the heat wave, so glad we did water games every day. This one was pretty good. They used water balloon launchers to launch water balloons and the cabbies (leaders) had to try to hit them from across the parking lot with a tennis racket. Surprisingly Cathy and I did not get wet.
This was a sponge game with two buckets and the team with the most water, after running with a sponge on your head wins.
This was Eric the break dancer, he performed in Opening Ceremonies and then tried to teach the kids how to break dance, we had some really good kids, but of course some of our girls did not want to try...some of them were too embarrassed (ah the preteen).
It was a great week, the kids had fun, I had fun, we can't wait for next year.

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