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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring Break - Saturday

Since we were in GA the week before and my parents had invited us to vacation with them at their time share in FL during spring break, and it's only about 7.5 hours away, we decided to take a trip. Michael unfortunately had to get back to work, his travel schedule is crazy again! However, he was able to enjoy a couple of days with us. We traveled down on Saturday and he left Sunday Night.

We went to dinner at this beautiful hotel called the Gaylord Palms Resort...yes there is a full size boat in the middle of the hotel that serves as part of the restaurant we ate it. It's a fun place to visit. I'm almost interested in seeing the one they have here in DC.
My parents brought my nephew, you can imagine how excited the girls were, two weeks spent with cousins and family. They loved it.
You can see the boat behind the kids, and you can see Madison is not happy, she didn't want anything to do with this picture especially because she didn't want to be near that dead fish.

Also in this hotel they have a live alligator and turtle pond.
Beady eyes floating in the water. Yes those are alligators.

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