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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Laser Tag

Over the last couple of years we really tried to be selective about what activities we do, especially because homeschooling does require a lot from us as parents. So we didn't do AWANA, which is a Sunday evening group activity that is social and teaches scripture. Jordan had a hard time doing it in 1st grade so we decided not to add any extra pressure to her. However because we were doing Financial Peace University the church offered the kids to AWANA and we decided we would do it and not put any pressure on the kids. Well Jordan and Kaleigh loved it, we started in January and Jordan went through about 1/3 of the book ...and it's a long book....and because she got as far as she did she was able to go to Laser Tag. She wanted to go so badly, she worked so hard. We were so proud of her. A lot of the kids finished their books and a lot didn't get as far as they needed but they had a turn out of about 50 kids. She was very excited.

These are the kids getting the instructions from TOM the Laser guy, he was a little rough around the edges but he got them started and continued to explain it as they went a long.
Getting their equipment.
They played 4 rounds. Red team against the green team - 2 times and adults vs. kids ... By the way all the adults were trying to get me to get out there and join them....but uh uh this city girl is not going in the woods with deer ticks crouching down climbing limbs etc....it's just not for me.
But I really enjoyed watching them play.

Once they were shot they had to go to the graveyard. I was holding down the fort at the graveyard reminding them they could not talk to their team mates.
She had such a great time! She loved it and now wants to have a laser tag party for her birthday and then a sleep over. She wants to have the laser tag party so she can invite her friends who are boys and a sleep over so her girl friends can sleep over. A tom boy/girly..I love this kid.

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Lynnea said...

Sweet. Sounds like lots of fun.