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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Atlanta Aquarium

Michael had a business trip to Atlanta so we thought why not tag along and see the family bring school with us and do a field trip. We were able to do some school work in the morning and play in the afternoon. We took the older girls to see Soul Surfer the movie, which one loved and one hated....I'll let you figure out which one...and we loved going to the Aquarium.

The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta is the largest Aquarium in the world click here if you want to check it out... AT&T built the dolphin exhibit which was not what I expected. Think Disneyesque and you might try to understand what it was like. You don't expect singing, dancing and a light and water show, though it was entertaining, the kids really liked it....it definitely wasn't Disney. But I thoroughly enjoyed myself. This place is huge and so well put together. We had a little trouble with our little guys once they were getting tired, we had some meltdowns....I wasn't too happy about, but all in all it was a great experience, one I highly recommend if you ever head south.

Here is the front of the dolphin exhibit when you walk in, it's hard to appreciate how big it really is unless you are there. The dolphins are from Hawaii...and they show you the whole thing about building the exhibit and bringing the dolphins from Hawaii, it's interesting for grown ups but the kids were ready to move on. The one thing that Kaleigh learned that she can remember well is that the Killer Whale...Orca is a dolphin...did not know this. She was excited to tell everyone.

I think this was his favorite part. The penguin exhibit. He loved it when he tapped on the window and penguin came to the glass. Madison on the other hand would not get anywhere near the glass.
They loved this mermaid. Can't tell you why but it was something to sit on and take a picture.
It's right in front of the gift shop of course to draw the kids in.
This was part of one of those tunnels that is water on all sides except the floor. It is so cool, unfortunately Jordan and Madison wanted nothing to do with it, so I had to be quick with my pictures.
All the fish are swimming above my head that's why you are looking at the bottom of them.
This picture does not do the size of this grouper justice. The thing was the size of a good sized pig.
Don't remember what kind of shark this was, but it was cool looking.
He actually liked the tunnel, and wanted to stay with me in it.
This is part of the whale shark they had at the aquarium. I couldn't get a good picture of him but he was huge.
This gives you a good idea of the scope of the size of the entrance to the tunnel exhibit. The tank is massive.
Sting ray touch pool.
They were curious, and even tried to stick their hand in it but were a little too nervous.
This was close for her....she wasn't getting any closer to it.
Sea horses.

No it's not Nemo it's Deepo, the aquarium's mascot. It's what I meant by Disneyesque. We had a great time and one day I hope to go back and take Michael with us. He would really like it.

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Lynnea said...

Looks like you had tons of fun! Madison cracks me.