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Monday, September 6, 2010

New Bed

In one of my previous posts I posted that we had changed some rooms around this summer, splitting up the older girls and putting Madison and Jaden together in a room. Well it has been in our plans to buy the girls new beds although not all at once we didn't want to take that kind of hit, so originally this was going to be Jordan's bed and we were waiting for a while to get it but it went on sale last week and it was like $100 off so we had to buy it.. Well it didn't quite work out for Jordan but it did work out for Kaleigh.

It took Michael hours to put it together, it took so long because it literally had like a million pieces but I kept the kids busy (mostly the little ones) and he was able to put the bed together.

Love that she is going to grow into this bed and will have it for a while, she can't wait to get a chair so she can sit a the desk and work.
For now she pulls the desk out and uses the underneath like a hiding place with her sisters. So glad she likes this bed.

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