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Friday, September 10, 2010

Found some pictures

Found these pictures when I was uploading some pictures from my little camera, I hardly ever used it because I really don't like the quality of the pictures but these aren't too bad.

We took the kids to a local water park, that a neighbor of mine told me about back in June. It was really a pool with some water features in it, the kids had all participated in the summer reading program and each completed 15 books for the summer, so they received a coupon book and in it it had free entry to this water park; so we only had to pay for two grown ups.

It was a great pool the water was not deep they had some decent water features and it wasn't crowded considering it was the last week of summer vacation for everyone.
They had a sand area like a beach.

Small water slides in the 18" water.
A water tower thing playground thing, is the best way I can describe it.
They were just doused in like 50 gallons of water from the bucket above, Madison wasn't having it but Jordan and Kaleigh loved it.

Some mid size slides for a little older kids but I didn't get pictures of the really big slides.
Oh well maybe next year, it was a nice park, clean and not too crowded, I think it's a keeper.

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