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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Jaden

Today my baby turned 2, it's hard to believe that and I don't quite think I'm ready for it, and I know it's a cliche but wow...has time flown by.

Funny how the girls are doing the same dance camp this week that they did the week he was born, it's almost like they have come full circle. I couldn't be at the parade the last time because I was in the hospital with Jaden, so we are very excited about that this time Jaden, Madison and I can cheer on the girls as they march in the parade on Saturday and I actually get to be there this time.

We had a full day of celebration with this little guy, he was so excited it was his birthday. We opened up some presents in the morning after breakfast, he actually was dancing around the room. We opened another present after nap time and the last of the presents after dinner. Notice the potty book (since we are potty training this summer, easier in the summer) and the water table for outside (he LOVES water), dinosaur and a truck (boy toys...so weird with three older girls).

He just enjoyed his day so much. He had is favorite foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner and instead of a cake we had cupcakes...which he licked the frosting off...didn't really care about the cake and all day long he got to talk to people who love him and wished him a happy birthday.

He is such a sweet little boy, I can see the little boy coming out in him, he never backs down from his sisters and is always ready to defend a toy, he is VERY verbal and somehow in the last month his vocabulary has become unbelievable. He can hold a conversation with the best of them and sometimes when I can't understand him, it only takes one of his sisters to explain it to me.

I love the fact that he wants to do is own thing, although he's learning that he really does need to hold my hand when we are out and about, but he still wants to cuddle with mommy and "pick up you, mommy" is his favorite words. If I am sitting somewhere he wants to sit on my lap especially if I'm playing on the floor. He loves to climb and do all the things the big kids do, yet he knows when he has done something wrong and when you tell him to apologize he says "I sorry". Sometimes he will just say 'I wuv you mommy" and it brings tears to my eyes. I know he won't always be this sweet and cute but I am savoring every moment of it.
I am in awe that I get to be their mom every day. I do not deserve the gift that God has bestowed upon me and I count my blessings every day that the has entrusted Michael and I to be their parents. My heart swells with love for them every day, even when I'm cranky and not patient. As Kaleigh would say "your the greatest mommy in the whole wide world" I only hope she always feels that way because I think they are amazing little people and my life is full of joy because of all of them.

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Lynnea said...

Sweet! Happy birthday Jaden!