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Friday, July 23, 2010


Our church had it's last carnival at its old building before they moved to the new campus. The kids look forward to it every year they get to see their friend they have like 5 different moon bounces plus they have pony rides and food. The two older girls found some friends and ran off so there are no pictures of them but as you can see the two little ones (it was hard to take pictures of them as well - having to keep two hands on them both and they wanted to go in two different directions).

He loved the pony ride and actually rode it three times. It doesn't look like it in his face but he though it was a big dog and kept calling it doggie. I had to explain that it was a horse not a dog and he was so excited to ride, his first time on a horse. Maybe a future equestrian.

He was actually talking to the lady and she was telling him the horses name. So cute.
The caged Ferris wheel, which I didn't think he would like (he's not a big fan of heights) but he actually enjoyed it, maybe because he was in a cage. There were so many cute pictures I could have taken in moon bounces, throwing the ball toward the dunk tank and of course shaved ice cones, but alas they were having too much fun and I was really busy keeping them going.

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