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Monday, May 3, 2010

Trees and Gardens

We had this giant tree in our back yard, seriously you could see the tree the minute you entered our neighborhood and it had been dieing for ages. When we first purchased our house it was alive and when spring would come it would bloom these extremely sticky little sticks that were impossible to get off our feet. Once you dragged your shoes into our house the sticky buds would be stuck on my hardwood tile and be impossible to get off, to make matters worse my tiles are white. Anyway about a year ago the tree really started dying and we had people constantly knocking on our door asking if we wanted to get quote to take it down, so we finally got a decent quote and finally had the chance to do it. However the stress of watching the tree get cut down was too much. I thought they would at least have the tree down by the time I got home from the mall with the girls but they were just finishing cutting down some of the big branches. So they tied a rope to my neighbors tree to make sure it fell into the common area and down it came with a big thud and while I was praying that no one got hurt and it did not hit any of my neighbors houses, Michael was standing by the window with Jaden going isn't that cool. Too much stress for me, all he kept saying was "why are you by the window, get away from the window you don't want to watch" and he was right.

Right after the tree fell.
The stump we were left with.

The pile of mulch from the huge stump, guess what's going underneath my play set.
Since we were taking down trees, we decided to put something back, like a vegetable garden.

I have been wanting to do a garden for the longest time, but time is always an issue, but thanks to all of them, we got it done.

And this is what's starting to grow! Cucumbers, Zucchini, Green Beans, tomatoes and herbs.

Did I mention the smell of compost is really disgusting when the wind blows...LOL.

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