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Friday, May 14, 2010

Boston Part 1 - Science Center

My sister graduated from Boston University two weeks ago so we went up to Boston to celebrate and be a part of this huge milestone in her life. Since we homeschool we already had the plans laid out, on how we were going to see all these places while we were there including family and some friends...So you can imagine how exhausted my kids were from trying to "squeeze it all in" really is there any other way? But we were so proud of them, they behaved so well and were so excited to just have family time together. We didn't get to see our friend..that was sad, they were really busy, but we did get to see Michael's family (kind of a surprise) and we didn't get to go to Plimouth Plantation, but we did enjoy our time at the Science Center and the Freedom Trail. We could have easily spent 5 more days in Boston going to see all the things we wanted to, I guess we'll have to plan something for the future.

Water feature at the science center....need I say more.
You would think these smocks would keep them dry....HA...

Trying on her owl wings.
Experiencing a chipmunk hole.

Learning about magnets, and gravity.
These two spent the longest time trying to construct something from these magnetic balls and sticks.

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Julie said...

that looks super fun! My brother also graduated from Boston University!