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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our first real Blizzard

So the weather man keeps saying we are going to have record snow falls, and I do believe he is correct because as of 9:00am this morning we already had about 9" of snow with the heaviest not due until noon.

Well now it's 2:30 and Kaleigh and Michael are outside and she can't even stand in it because it's up to her waste almost.

By the way almost all of these pictures are taken from the inside, I refuse to go out in this crazy weather.

11:45, my poor dog couldn't go out back because the snow was too deep for her until Michael was able to shovel a path for her to go.
2:30 poor Kaleigh couldn't even walk, I'm pretty sure it's almost 20" by now.

The view from the girls window in their room.
Michael taking a rest on a large pile of snow after shoveling for a while.
This is only round 1 of shoveling.

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