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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So it looks like the FLU

Finally got a dr.'s appt today and it looks like I have the flu. Never had the flu before, had bronchitis, pneumonia and multiple upper respiratory infections, but never the flu. Gotta tell you, it's not feeling so much different from the other illness, I have a headache, body aches,feverish, coughing and I'm exhausted. So glad Michael was able to come home early the last few days to take care of things and my friend Donna took the girls to gymnastics today (they are doing so much better), and me I have enough medication to hopefully clear me up by Friday. They took a blood test just to see if it was H1N1, can't possibly imagine where I would have caught that from, but you never know. However, after I am well, I will find a place that is offering FLU shots because this is the first time I have gotten so sick so early, does not set a good president for the rest of fall and winter. Jordan and Kaleigh are schedule to get the H1N1 flu shot tomorrow afternoon, I'm not 100% sold on the idea, but with their illnesses over the winter, better to be safe than sorry. Pray Michael doesn't come down with this too, it's so hard being a single parent and taking care of your sick spouse.

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Megan said...

So sorry Michelle...my boys are having it over here and I am just praying that I will not fall next...