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Thursday, October 29, 2009

MOM Questions - Did I

Took this from a blog I like to read from time to time and it was like being hit with a 2x4 because some days I fail them miserably when I get caught up in the minutiae of life, it's a to do list for my kids.

Did I hug them?
Did I kiss them?
Did I tell them that I love them?
Did we talk about Jesus?
Did we pray together?
Did we PLAY together?
Did I give them undivided attention?
Did I do something special for them?
Did I feed them?
Did we laugh together?
Did I console them?
Did we share a secret?
Did I encourage good habits?
Did I help them feel valued?
Did I show them something new?
Did we talk about the day?
Did I take care of some need?
Did I take CARE of them?
Did I make them feel precious?
Did I make them feel loved?
Did we make a good memory?
Did we read together?

Because some days, even lately, I'm trying to cut myself some slack because I'm sick and we are still trying to figure out our home school schedule, but at least I can say yes, I feed them, and yes every day I tell them several times that I LOVE THEM no matter what!

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Megan said...

These are great! Thanks for posting!