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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First mini-field trip

We needed a change of pace so we decided to take a field trip. The kids are studying plant cells at co-op so we decided to take a trip to the local botanical garden. We went to Meadolark Garden in Vienna, it was a great day, not too hot, not too cold, a little breezy but made for great walking weather. There was a lot of hills and pushing the double stroller gave me quite bit of excercise today. The kids loved it, they could run around, the place was basically empty with the exceptions of a handful of people, however, I forget there is not a lot of colorful stuff this time of year, we are in between the fall changing colors and the colors of spring/summer. It still made for a good afternoon.

They had this cute little garden area in the middle of the park for the little ones, even though mine were a little big for it, they still enjoyed doing a tea party and digging in the sand.

Getting up to walk.....
...and falling down again.

Sometimes she's just too sweet.
Hide and seek.
I love the fact that he really is preferring to walk but it's making it hard when he is still mastering the skill. He's so cute, I can't take it.
Love those bouncy curls and that smile.


Julie said...

that looks like you had a great morning... so fun and makes homeschooling even more fun I bet! I know of a park in Vienna, but not sure if this is the same... didn't remember the kids things, but then again it was in college and I wasn't looking for kids things... looks cool!

Courtney said...

hey! shelley daniel just posted about this park! is it free?? i just might have to try it!

Jenkins said...

Beautiful photos.
Just beautiful!