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Monday, September 28, 2009

Busy Again

Again we have been extremely busy this past week. Thanks to Michael for posting the video of Jaden walking, with the added effects. Only one correction, Jaden is only 14 months, he won't actually be 15 months until Thursday. I don't want to rush it because it now seems to be going by very quickly. He has now started to really try and walk all the time, he does the funny drunken baby wobbler walk, it's hysterical. I'll have to be sure to video tape it again. Now not only is he starting to walk but he climbs every thing and anything that is in front of him. On a particular night of getting the kids to bed this is how we found him. Can't take your eyes off of him for a second, literally. Yes this is a vanity in Madison's room.


Julie said...

that video is so cute... I just saw it...and he sure can climb high! :) so cute

Jenkins said...

He can get away with anything with cute smile like that!