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Monday, September 14, 2009

Apple Picking

Almost every year we have taken the kids apple picking. I used to apple picking when I lived in New York and I loved it and I wanted to share that with the kids. We didn't go last year because I was still recovering from my crazy summer, and they missed it and ask when are we going apple picking again. They love it. We have pictures from when Jordan was little and have gone with friends in the past, this year we took my in-laws. They are retiring and moving to Atlanta on Thursday. My kids will miss them terribly. They have had at least one set of grandparents close by all their lives. My in-laws moved here just before Michael and I got married, it has been 10 years and they are now ready to retire. They will be moving to Georgia, outside Atlanta near my sister-in-law. Though we have a wonderful group of friends and support network here, it is different when you have family close by, we will all miss them very much. I know my mother-in-law will come often to visit and we are glad for that.

Marker Miller Orchard is in Winchester about an hour away. We have gone there twice before, it is my favorite. They have a lot of activities for the kids, like playgrounds and you'll see in the pictures below wagon rides and cow train (tractor pulling cut open barrels).

We normally go later in the season, but the weather was beautiful and we tried to do it before the in-laws left, so the only apples they had to pick were Red Delicous, Golden Delicious and Empire. It took all of 10 minutes to fill the bag.
One of the best parts about Marker Miller is they make homemade apple-cider donuts and they are Scrumptious, you can tell that's all he wanted.

The most rarest thing caught on camera, a smile from Papa.

Mama and her Jelly Bean (notice the name on the cow).
Waving to Daddy.
Notice Kaleigh pouting because she didn't get to go in the first cow.
Even a wagon ride for him personally.

One of those long arm shots, normally I hate taking pictures of myself but I really want to have pictures for the kids.


Courtney said...

LOVE all these pictures! especially all the ones with YOU in them! :-)

Michelle said...

Isn't that funny, I have purposely made every attempt to get in pictures because I realize when my kids have kids they won't know what their grandmother looked like when she was younger only old and wrinkly. I wish I had more pictures of my parents and grandparents when they were younger.

Julie said...

those cow pictures are so funny. i loved going to western VA, not sure where to pick apples, seriously they were the best apples I ever had. I did that with my mom a few times in high school, we drove somewhere to get them...so yummy. And I love having my mother in law around too, thankfully she will come visit!