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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Trip to New York

OK so here it is the long and skinnny and many pictures. We made our annual trip to NY and by the way every year on the way home I always say, next year I'm not doing that again until the kids are a lot older, it's fun but exhausting while we are up there, a lot of late nights and of course they still get up at 6:30. And lots of people to see and things to do, and since we keep adding kids to our family the space at my parents house becomes an issue after a few days. All in all we always have fun but when your ready to come home, your ready to come home, I always miss Michael because he usually only comes for a couple of day so we don't use up all his vacation time, (he was getting ready to travel this week and again over the next few weeks) and then I stay with the kids by myself for the rest of the time. This time my mom drove back with us so I wouldn't have to drive alone. Which worked out great to have someone helping out with the kids, Jaden is a little tough to ride with, he does sleep, but he tends to get whiney after a while. Thanks Mom.

Two thing for sure I won't do a gain:

1. Never take your child for there well check up the day before a family birthday party - where he has a fever the entire time and is sick.

2. Never come back from vacation two days before you have this party, lest you want to completely wear yourself down to the bone where all you want to do for the next few days is sleep.

Here are the pictures:

The day we got there we went to a picnic with my Dad's family, the day was beautiful, we got tables right next to a playground and baseball field we were there for hours.

Setting up for the picnic.

Michael was teaching Jordan to play baseball.
My nephew.
My aunt Alice always has a way with kids.Jordan and Angel, she's a year younger than Jordan yet she's taller, I guess it helps when you have two tall parents. She's such a cutie.
They called it lazy man's horse shoe, you never had to leave your seat.
She never met a sweet she didn't like.
My niece (she cracks me up.)
My cousin's wives..they are both ssooo sweet.
My grandparents they have been married almost 65 years.
The great grandkids.
Grandkids and Great Grandkids. (Yes Jaden slept through the picture part).
Just the grownups.
Finally a picture of Michael and I, not the greatest but we have so few that I had to add it.


Hanging out in my parents back yard with the blowup slide they purchased last year for when ever the kids come for a visit. It was wild and for two days I couldn't get my girls out of it. Also enjoyed by my nephew and my parents next door neighbors. Madison is the only one who didn't like it, it squirts water in order to keep the slide slippery to slide down so she didn't like that part. You can't tell from some of these pictures but my parents back yard is huge.

She finally got in when they sat down and stopped sliding and splashing.

Finally a rest on the hammock.


Went to the American Girl Store in New York City, one of the girls favorite places. It was actually a nice visit this time because we went on a week day instead of weekend so a little less crowded, we had lunch at the cafe which was good but very over priced....welcome to themes and marketing.
My mom and sister came with us, there is no way I can do that store by myself and four kids.

Yes the dolls sat at the table with us.

Last year the girls asked if for Christmas they could have the tree house from Kit, to which we promptly said NO, not just the cost but the money as well, this picture does not do the size justice.


Pool Day with my brother, although the water was freezing and the weather not that warm they wanted to go to the community pool with my brother and his kids. It was really nice for a community pool it went from zero grade to 2 1/2 feet perfect for my kids. Then we went out for Pizza, I'm bummed we didn't get to take pictures of all the kids together, considering we saw them 4 out of the 6 days we were there.


Got to see one of my best friends, she was Maid of Honor at my wedding, two of our kids are the same age born Days apart, we've been friends for so long, I know we will be friends forever.

The seven kids between us.
Madison, Kaleigh, Jaden, Jordan, Christopher, Emily and Thomas.
I love picnik.

We came home on Day 7 and were all very glad to be home.


Renee said...

Sounds like a great trip! Oh, and I LOVE the lazy man horse shoe! Is that a real game or did your family make it up?

Megan said...

Sounds like a LOT of fun! Glad you had a great time with your family. And may I say that your family looks like the most culturally diverse family I have ever seen? That's pretty awesome!