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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


OK so there are no pictures this time just an observation.

Anytime I am out and about with all four of my kids I get one of several looks.

The first one...PITY...Oh you poor woman, usually followed by let me help you with the door or "WOW, you have your hands full. Are they all yours?" Which if you actually look at them, it's impossible for them not to be all mine since they all look alike and they always fawn over Jaden because he's the baby.

The second look...and I don't know if this one has a one word answer but it is the look of, don't you know about birth control. To which I pray that my children are so well behaved that it shocks them right out of their socks. They usually try to get past me as fast as possible with my shopping cart (sometimes practically running over one of my kids - can't keep them all in the shopping cart). Not like I'm asking them to pay for my kids.

The third (this one is usually when I am out with Michael)...that poor woman, can't he keep his hands off of her..She looks totally worn out.

I swear to you I have noticed these looks and this is not made up, it's amazing if you observe people long enough you will notice the little things.

I proudly display my brood, they are gorgeous, most of the time well behaved, loving, kind and all around wonderful children and I am blessed to have all of them. Do you think I could fit all that on a button so I can wear it on my shirt all the time.


Julie said...

I would probably give you a look of awe, because mom's with many children are amazing! I am always in awe how you do it and think how blessed you must be, and I know it is hard, but also a blessing!

Courtney said...

you are so funny! :-) and so right!

Michael said...

Short Answer...No I can't..so God gave me a heart for my wife...go sue God.

Now when I take them all out that 1 hour a year when Michelle makes me....I always get the AHHH You Got Your Boy....yeah like I was trying to have a litter of kids just to get a Boy, after 3 the odds where not in my favor so if God wasn't making it happen I wasn't going to try for four...but have you seen my wife...couldn't help it...luck me!

Jenkins said...

and your kids are sweet.