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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

First Days of Summer Vacation

So I have all these plans for summer, crafts and baking and lots of pool time (although I need to hire a mother's helper to come with me - 4 kids, especially when the 2 older two aren't strong swimmers) can be a bit of a challenge. Anyway our first day Friday, we litterally hung around the house and played all day, games and watched TV, we just did things we don't normally do because I am always worried about getting all the chores done. So it was very restful.

Monday however was quite another story, had the great plan of baking my friend Courtney's rainbow cake, going to the pool and did I mention a craft on a bible story all in the same day (you could say I am a little excited about summer vacation). Well first off Jaden was sick so, we thought he had the flu (he had been exposed at play group Wednesday and at the doctor's office - turns out it was just congestion but now he has an ear infection from it.
Look at the snot dripping from his nose, but he's still happy for the most part.

So that put the kabosh on the pool but we still did the rainbow cake, however that took so long (but it was well worth it) that we didn't have time for the craft. Here is the cake, the girls loved mixing the colors but it took a long time to bake because I only had two pans and had to completely cool and then wash the pans before I could bake the next set. They played with the dollhouses while they were waiting for the cakes to finish.

This is the type of cake mix you need because you have to be able to color it.
It requires two boxes.

This is the type of food coloring you need if you want the dark colors (we have a ton of it from all our birthday cakes) otherwise the kind you use for easter eggs will be too pastel.

Here are the 6 bowls of colors the girls liked this part the best.
Wasn't quite my favorite because I didn't want the food coloring everywhere.
Before frosting.

This is the finished cake, with homemade butter cream frosting, just be sure to have enough confectionery sugar before you start frosting, lest you run out and have to run to the store to buy more so you can finish the cake.
After the cake took a long time to make, we had lunch out on our deck (which is a favorite for everyone in our house except Michael - he doesn't like the bugs). Then it was on to more playing while the little kids took naps. The weather was perfect. The gilrs decided to play in the tree house, they brought towels and gold fish for snacks. They brought books and paper and markers to make signs. I did my bible study homework on the deck for an hour while they played it was wonderful.

Here is the no boys allowed sign - except for Daddy.

So all in all it turned out to be a great day even if my best layed plans did not happen.


Julie said...

I LOVE the cake... I just found a store that sells Wilton dyes here...can you believe it? So, I might have to try this. That looks so cool. I saw this on Courtney's sight too...love it.

and your kids play yard is so cool

dnimah said...

I have a simpler version of the rainbow cake for next time. You only have to bake the one time and the kids still get to mix the colors. Here is the link - http://www.hostessblog.com/2009/02/fabulous-rainbow-cake-tutorial/

Courtney said...

what a fun day! sounds perfect! isn't it wonderful when they entertain themselves?? :-)