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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another Busy Few Days...But Well Worth it.

So once again we had a very busy few days and I didn't get a chance to take too many pictures.

First on Thursday, had my first real class of bible study with the ladies, which was really good but I know I offended two of my friends, so praying that they will come back. That evening Jordan and Kaleigh's little friends Brady and Jacob came over for an hour or so to say good-bye before they left to go spend the summer with their mother in Hawaii. They live with their Dad here in VA but their mom lives in Hawaii. They are very cute sweet boys, Brady is 8 and in Jordan's grade and Jacob is in Kindergarten. They came over with their Dad and he actually told us he was a christian. (One of my prayers for Jordan was that she would have a friend who happened to be a christian who could move into the neighborhood the fact that he lives in the house right behind ours was just God's awesome provision). He really enjoys playing with her and plays with her on the playground at school, so it works out well. She was so sad when he left, she said "It's hard when your friend goes away mommy." Having been through two of her best friends moving away in only 8 short years, I told her I knew exactly how she felt, but Brady would be back in September. However, who knew that 2 little boys and 2 little girls could completely destroy our basement, I'm talking serious destruction.

Friday took Madison to the Dr. she woke up with a fever and a stomach ache, she had strep throat. Put Jaden on the scale, for all the food that boy eats, he only weighs 15.1oz, 1/2 pound in 6 weeks, how sad is that. I mean I guess it's something but COME ON, 1/2 pound. I guess with as fast as he's crawling and moving he's starting to burn some calories, faster than he can gain it. After medicine and Motrin she was good to go, and everyone had a nice nap. Friday Night got a new seat for my bike ...WOOHOO, feels much better and I can ride somewhat comfortably. I tried it out Friday night and the girls played outside it was a nice evening.

Saturday, got up took a bike ride with the kids and the trailer which carries Jaden and Madison (I'll definitely have to get a picture of this one day). We then took the kids to the pool after that and after lunch and a quick rest, it was off to birthday party at the neighbor's house. Which lasted well into the evening.

Ready for the party.

Sunday got up and took another bike ride, this time by myself (I don't have the endurance yet, but a little more time and I will get there), then I took the kids again with the trailer. Played outside a little more before my mother-in-law came and Michael and I went to the movies. Finally got to see STAR TREK while I wouldn't call myself a trekkie I would definitely call myself a fan. It' was awesome, well worth the money we spent on tickets and popcorn, but because of this we were late for the church picnic. Unfortunately by the time we got there everyone was packing up and heading home. The girls did get to jump on the moon bouncess, their favorite. We then came home and had a barbecue at home, eating on our deck, going for a long walk and playing with chalk outside. I LOVE THE SUMMER. I enjoy beautiful days like this weekend, and even though it was jam packed with things, it was a lot of fun, and now I'm headed off to bed, after a fun filled, no stress weekend.
This one is for my mom...I love this little outfit she got him.

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