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Monday, December 22, 2008

New Shoes

Took the girls to the mall this weekend (yes I am insane) to take a picture with Santa (no one smiled, even after Kaleigh begged me to take them - won't bother posting the picture because it's that bad) and decided to go to Payless to buy them some patten leather shoes to go with their Christmas dresses. Well we were not successful in the patten leather shoe search but Madison HAD to have these pink sparkly shoes (She's just like Kaleigh) and we could not leave the store without them. Today she has been walking around the house with them on saying "I WIKE NEW SHOES!" at least 20 times today, she had to call Michael on the phone to tell him, and kept them on so when he came home from work she could show him how her new shoes looked on her feet. She cracks me up.

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