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Monday, September 8, 2008

A Kaleigh Day

Since before Jaden was born Michael and I kept saying we wanted to be able to spend some more one on one time alone with the kids. Well as you know life got in the way, with moving kids bedrooms, painting rooms, etc. So last weekend was Madison's turn (see earlier pics on blog) sort of at Clemyjontri park and this week was supposed to be Jordan's turn after her first week of school. Jordan wanted to go play miniature golf or go to the "special playground". Well hurricane Hanna changed our plans so Kaleigh and I got to go to "Clay Cafe Studios" a paint your own pottery place and then some lunch. Jordan doesn't like to go out in bad weather, it makes her nervous, so that's why she let Kaleigh take her turn this weekend, hopefully next weekend it will be nice so I can take her to play miniature golf and then out to lunch.

Kaleigh and I had a really good time, we were really wet of course but it was really nice to have time alone with her. She got to paint a pumpkin and tile with her age on it, then we went to have pizza, she actually ate really quick (for once) and almost all of it. Her comment was "Mom it's really quite when it's just you and me, I can actually hear you." Nice huh?!

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