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Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Successful Outing

Took all 4 kids to the doctors today, Jordan has been complaining for a few days about a stomach ache, thankfully it was nothing, then ventured to Chick Fil A by myself. Except for one minor incident (Madison refused to come out of the play area when I had to change Jaden's diaper and I am literally holding Jaden with one hand and lifting Madison with the other kicking and screaming and people are actually starring at me while I drag my 18 month old with one shoe on and one shoe off through chick-fil-a to the bathrooms). Of course once we got into the bathroom had a discussion with everyone about leaving as soon as I fed my screaming 1month old and I did not want any discussion. It worked out great after that, Jordan bumped into a little girl she knows from school and we will be planning a play date for her next week! Yeah! All in all not too bad for our first real outing on our own, tomorrow we are heading to the library.

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