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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Copied from my friends post who also Just had her 4th child.

Your other children WILL live. They will live through a few months, or even a year, of too much TV. They will survive even without any sense of a routine or quality interaction with their mother. They will still love you even after witnessing your moments of sheer insanity. They will even be able to go to college despite the absolute lack of any educational experiences during the first year of the new baby. So, don't stress out about it."i read this on another blog of a mom of a newborn (her 5th child). it's ridiculous how much better it made me feel. balancing all these people and life is hard...but i'm trying not to stress. it's just a season. and it will pass so very quickly. (i KNOW this in my head...but my heart screams different things all day.)

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